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Lamb Brisket in Claypot (支竹羊腩煲) is one of the items to be eaten in Winter. The portion is quite generous. There are many pieces of lam brisket. Together with beancurd sheet, water chestnut, lettuce, lamb pieces do not have the strong special smell of lamb. The price is HK$138.



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Steamed Grouper (清蒸石班) is one of the promotion items at dinnertime. The size is not too small. It is anyway not bad and is quite value for money.



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Choi Sum w/ Preserved Vegetable (梅菜菜芯) is a low-priced dish. But there is a synergistic effect between choi sum and preserved vegetable. The brown black colored sauce is soy sauce. This is a nice and authentic dish.



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This is a restaurant on the basement, the restaurant has one floor only. It should not be a small restaurant in Hong Kong nowadays.







Chung Nan Hoi Harbor Restaurant


4A Mongkok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Tel: 27873882

Opening Hours: 24 hoursDaily

Style: Guangdong, Chinese,

Average spending: HK$140 (US$17.9)

Date: January 2014

Website: -

Remarks: booking is suggested.


This should not be a modern restaurant, it should have about ten year’s history I guess. It is still in operation now, this should not be an easy task, particularly it is not a chained restaurant. Chung Nan Hoi should be a relatively large restaurant in Hong Kong.


We do not want to order and eat too much, as we want to have 70-80% full after the meal. Only three dishes are ordered, the lamb brisket in claypot is comparatively generous. Steamed fish is at promotion price, among several items at special price in the dinner menu. We are delighted we have not ordered too much and all items are served at above average quality. But quite a lot of diners do not like Chung Nan Hoi, or they do not have good impression towards it. We do not have such bad feeling anyway. If time allows, we will visit it again.


Service: 3/5

Price: 3.5/5

Food: 3.5/5

Environment: 3.5/5

Variety: 3.5/5

Hygiene: 3/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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