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Fried Egg w/ Minced Pork & Vegetable has not been over-fried. It is fried with quality and it is not oily at all.




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A Mushroom Pavilion in Tuen Mun Yau Oi Estate



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Lee Kwan Cha Chaan Teng occupies several units in the Mushroom Pavilion.



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Today soup is not too bad in colour and appearance. It is in fact boiled for a long time. If not , this dark green colour is not possible.



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Brasied Tofu is very generous in size. It is of course delectable. There is no meat in this dish.




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Steamed Squid w/ Bean Threads & Garlic Paste



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Squid is very fresh and bouncy. Appreciated.



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Lee Kwan Cha Chaan Teng


Cooked Food Centre, Yau Oi Estate Market, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong.


Tel: NA

Opening Hours: 1200-1500 & 1830-2200Daily

Style: Chinese, Guangdong, cha chaan teng, dai pai dang,

Average spending: HK$85 (US$11)

Date: Oct 2013

Website: -

Remarks: cash only


We really do not know where to dine in Tuen Mun. It is reported to dine in Lee Kwan, we therefore pay a visit. It is quite a big dai pai dang, occupying several units in the Mushroom Pavilion. It is a special meal today, simply because we seldom dine in mushroom pavilion.


Pricing is quite reasonable. Maybe, there are too many competitors nearby and in Tuen Mun. We order three dishes and a cold beer. The dishes all turn out to be of high quality, we are a bit surprised. We have to change our old thinking that food quality in dai pai dang is always poor. Dishes are cooked with heart, food materials are fresh. You are highly recommended to dine in Lee Kwan. You will not be disappointed.


Service: 3.5/5

Price: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Environment: 3.5/5

Variety: 3.5/5

Hygiene: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5




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